The Foundation phase of Narrow Gate Lodge is named for its focus on laying the foundations of your identity in Christ.

We know that life can turn out to be confusing and understanding your role in all of this seems impossible to grasp. We've set up a distraction free environment to do exactly that. Find out who you are.

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And how do we know it works? Not only have we accepted over 300 students in our 13 years of teaching men how to find their purpose but we've been there. Every staff member at Narrow Gate Lodge is a graduate and knows exactly where you've been. We were all feeling the same confusion and disappointment in how our lives were turning out. So, we did something about it. Just like you.

So what will you learn in Foundation?

During your time here you will not only begin to understand the depth of your identity in Christ but also why God has put you on this earth. We've all been through experiences in our lives that have shaped our personalities and formed how we think about ourselves. We must establish that there is a source of truth that is absolute, and outside of our own thoughts, experiences and emotions. The Scriptures claim to be exactly that. And if there is a source of absolute truth, what does it reveal about God, ourselves, and the world around us?

These are the types of questions we answer together during Foundation and into the rest of your experience at Narrow Gate Lodge.

For 30 days you’ll live with just the basics of life, surrounded by nature.  We use a wilderness backdrop to disconnect you from the daily demands of life and allow you to quietly ask God some questions that will shape the rest of your life.
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