Weston Brann

Director Of Programming

Weston Brann graduated from Narrow Gate in 2011. He worked for the organization for a short while and began attending Refuge Church in Spring Hill, TN. Not long after, he met the love of his life, Kerri and they married and Weston launched out to start his own business. As a creative guy with a passion for working with his hands, Weston's business took off and grew quickly. While starting his family, Weston decided to go back to school and got his degree in Ministry Leadership in 2016. He was ordained in 2017 and today still serves the church in Spring Hill as a volunteer discipleship pastor. His vision for the 'student experience' at Narrow Gate is what drives him daily: to lead, teach and establish an enviroment and a team that intentionally builds authentic relationships that lead to dramatic transformations. He and his wife, Kerri have three children.

Landon Norman

Woodshop Education Manager

In January of 2020, Landon came to us from the Marc Adams School Of Woodworking with a passion for using the individual gifting God had given him to change the lives of young men for the advancement of the kingdom. He serves Narrow Gate by assisting the Artisan Education team along with developing and executing woodworking curriculum for the students at the lodge. Outside of work, he enjoys being in nature, spending time with friends, and making music.

Wendell Taylor

Property Manager

As a native Tennessean, Wendell Taylor perfectly represents the Volunteer State spirit. His history is varied which makes him uniquely equipped to connect with our students regardless of their interests or backgrounds. Once a professional fisherman, Wendell has also experienced great success with running his own business and great wisdom that can come with experiencing great success. A master (literally) on a skidsteerer, a disciplined worker with his hands, Wendell also possess an intimate knowledge of the Word of God and his greatest desire is to help young men discover their potential and establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Graeme Goetz

Intern Coordinator/Artisan Assistant

Graeme originally found out about Narrow Gate thorough our Guitar Classes offered by our woodworking team. After attending the guitar class and learning more about what Narrow Gate was all about, Graeme decided to take the leap of faith and applied to become a student at Narrow Gate Lodge. Upon graduation of NG Lodge, it was apparent that the Lord was working in and thru Graeme and his leadership skills (along with his life skills) made him the perfect candidate to lead our Internship program. Today, Graeme serves the organization by discipling students and interns. He gracefully manages several people and agendas while creating an atmosphere of peace, unity and Christlikedness. Oh - and he still finds time to develop and refine his woodworking skills by working alongside our woodshop team and teaching the students craftsmanship skills periodically.


John Mouka

Foundation Manager | Sawmill Education

In 2006, John Moucka was one of the first NG students to sleep up on Foundation Hill on the NG Property. He came to NG as a young man in search of a life that matters. Today, he's helping other young men discover that life! John is a bright, creative and compassionate man. He's been married to his sweetheart for over 12 years and together they have 5 children. As a man who enjoys working with his hands and learning new things, John has developed excellent sawmill skills and runs our sawmill operation. At one time, he was an arborist so his knowledge of trees has proven invaluable as he collects, mills, dries and works with wood. But not only is he good with his hands - he's good with his heart and mind. John has the privilege of walking alongside the students when they first arrive at NG. Teaching the scripture, building authentic relationships, helping young men grow as men and in their faith are the true desires of John's heart.

Rachel Bradley

Lead Administrator

Rachel exudes the love of Christ to all she encounters.  She has an extensive background in the business, mortgage, and hospitality industries but her true heart's passion is loving and serving others.  Most recently, she led a very large children's ministry and today, she gets to impact an 'older generation' at Narrow Gate.  She uses her strong administration skills to help keep things running smoothly at the lodge and enjoy building relationships with students and their parents.  We love her joy, smile and enthusiasm!

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