Weston Brann

Director Of Programming

Weston Brann graduated from Narrow Gate in 2011. He worked for the organization for a short while and began attending Refuge Church in Spring Hill, TN. Not long after, he met the love of his life, Kerri and they married and Weston launched out to start his own business. As a creative guy with a passion for working with his hands, Weston's business took off and grew quickly. While starting his family, Weston decided to go back to school and got his degree in Ministry Leadership in 2016. He was ordained in 2017 and today still serves the church in Spring Hill as a volunteer discipleship pastor. His vision for the 'student experience' at Narrow Gate is what drives him daily: to lead, teach and establish an enviroment and a team that intentionally builds authentic relationships that lead to dramatic transformations. He and his wife, Kerri have three children.

Wendell Taylor

Student Life Manager

As a native Tennessean, Wendell Taylor perfectly represents the Volunteer State spirit. His history is varied which makes him uniquely equipped to connect with our students regardless of their interests or backgrounds. Once a professional fisherman, Wendell has also experienced great success with running his own business and great wisdom that can come with experiencing great success. A master (literally) on a skidsteerer, a disciplined worker with his hands, Wendell also possesses an intimate knowledge of the Word of God and his greatest desire is to help young men discover their potential and establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He also recently got married to the love of his life, Edie.

Alyssa Harrison

Community Connections Lead

Alyssa joined the Narrow Gate team in March 2022, but is no stranger to the Narrow Gate family. Her husband, Christian Harrison, graduated in March of 2016. Since the very beginning of their relationship, they have remained actively involved in the lives of students and graduates. Alyssa's heart for ministry, creating meaningful relationships, and love for serving others is vital in her role within Narrow Gate. The Lord uses her experiences as a unique ability to relate and empathize with others. She leads as a part of our Lodge team in the Admissions, Administrative, Communication, and Operational areas.

Graeme Goetz

Student Life Lead

Graeme originally found out about Narrow Gate through our Guitar Classes offered by our woodworking team. After attending the guitar class and learning more about what Narrow Gate was all about, Graeme decided to take the leap of faith and became a student at Narrow Gate Lodge. He interned and then joined our staff in December of 2021. Today, Graeme serves the Lodge by discipling students within the Service, or final, phase. His favorite thing to do with the students is spend intentional quality time with them and preparing them for their disciple making in the real world after graduation. He gracefully manages several people and agendas while creating an atmosphere of peace, unity and Christlikeness. He still finds time to develop and refine his woodworking skills by working alongside our woodshop team and teaching the students craftsmanship skills periodically.

Reece Graham

Student Life Coordinator

Reece graduated from the Narrow Gate Lodge in July of 2022 and joined our staff in August of 2022. He enjoys physical activities, conflict resolution, and coming up with new out-of-the-box ways to look at life and faith. In his free time he enjoys drawing and spending time in relationship with others. His favorite books of the Bible to study are Isaiah, because it's similar to a "bus station" - it's referenced in so many other places throughout the bible and it's a great foundational place to gain insight, and Revelation because it's the "war cry" or "victory chant" that points us towards meeting Jesus again someday. He is currently serving our staff as the Community Phase Coordinator and guides them through one of the longest sections of the Lodge experience.

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