The Service phase is the final chapter of the Narrow Gate Lodge experience. We call it Service to promote the mentality that our role in the kingdom as disciples is to live a life of service to God and those around us.

So now you've completed Foundation and grasped the understanding of your identity in Christ and lived a season of life among like-minded believers in Community. Now it's time to take the tools you've acquired and advance into the first steps of your calling.

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So what happens next?

During the first couple of weeks in the Service phase you will draft what we call the "Vision and Purpose". This is a treasured document, formulated alone with God, that will help you get started on finding how your identity in Christ will lead you to who are supposed to be. We believe that if you have God's vision for your life and the purpose to become who God has called you to be, life makes more sense.

Once your Vision and Purpose is completed you will walk through an 8 week curriculum that prepares you to live life outside the Narrow Gate Lodge walls and find a supportive community that will further your growth and experience with God.

The final chapter is graduation. We take an afternoon, invite friends and family members out to the property and honor the decision you've made to follow Christ as His disciple and celebrate the new life that God offers. This is truly an emotional and exciting event that you will never forget! You can watch some past graduations here.

Service is meant to help you take the tools you've gathered and advance into your purpose in the Kingdom of God.
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